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Shafts, bearings

The central element of the shaft and bearing calculation is the graphic shaft entry (shaft editor). This is where the inner and outer geometry of the shaft, bearings, and loads are defined. Building on this data, all relevant calculations can then be executed from the elastic line and torque involutes, to critical speed, to strength verification in accordance with DIN or FKM guidelines. A summarizing log provides an overview.

The bearing calculation is integrated in the shaft calculation so that dimensions, forces, etc. are already available. Via a selection, the software filters all geometrically suitable bearings of the selected type out of the bearing database (approximately 15,000 bearings), evaluates them mathematically (service life and static characteristic number) and shows them to the user in a table for selection.

A more extensive calculation possibility determines the deformation of flanks of gears on the shaft. Given the deformation data the optimal profile can be derived for crowning. A load distribution calculation with graphic presentation determines the contact load factor K for the gear calculation; crowning and helical angle corrections can be specified.

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