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Application reports of KISSsys projects

Download report for a selected topic

Item Explanation File
Gearbox database Managing several gearbox sizes with a single model
Critical speed Using KISSsys to iterate a critical speed for the shaft
Gearbox sizing Using KISSsys functionalities for a automatic gearbox sizing
Gear design A gearbox design with help of KISSsys
Flap actuator Using KISSsys to get worm gear efficiency as a function of temperature
Wind turbine Wind turbine gearbox calculation with KISSsys
Car transmission Using KISSsys to calculate vehicle transmissions with load spectrum
Vehicle gearbox calculations How to use KISSsys efficiently in vehicle gearbox calculations
GPK modification GPK modifications for customer needs
Crane design Using KISSsys to create and calculate crane gearbox
Tractor gearbox Calculation and analysis of whole tractor transmission with help of KISSsys including load spectrum calculation
KISSsys with FEM How to combine KISSsys with FEM analysis and comparison of the results

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