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Service Pack Center For 03/2017 or older versions

Release KISSsoft 03/2018

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KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP3 Error message about missing KUI element in Fine-Sizing Graphics removed
The fine sizing for the bearings did show a KUI related error message.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP3 Solid Edge: Interface to Solid Edge 2019
Interface to Solid Edge 2019 implemented

SP3 SolidWorks: Interface to SolidWorks 2019
Interface to SolidWorks 2019 implemented

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP3 Tooth root diameter tolerances for worm gears
When using option 'Calculation with normal module instead of axial module', the tooth root diameter tolerances were slightly off. This is fixed.

SP3 Helix angle modification, parallel (arc minute) not applied correctly
Helix angle modification, parallel (arc minute) was not applied correctly to the tooth form. The 3D model was affected as well as the contact analysis results.

SP3 Exporting 3D graphics in a DAT file
Exporting 3D graphics (Herzian pressure, ...) in a DAT file was mirrored compared to the 3D graphics in KISSsoft (side I<-> side II). This is now fixed.

SP3 Improvement: Face gear shows also effective transverse contact ratio
The effective transverse contact ratio (max, min) (at the middle of the face width) is calculated and documented.

SP3 Kγ according to AGMA 6123-C16
The Kγ value by AGMA 6123 for the application level 2 with 6 planets is fixed to 1.44 according to the ERRATA of ANSI/AGMA 6123-C16.
The manual will be fixed in next release accordingly.

SP3 Wrong root form diameter, when Helix angle modification with 'Manufacture with βeff' is activated
In gear calculations with 'Parallel helix angle modification', if the option 'Manufacture with βeff' is activated, for gears with undercut the root form diameter is wrong (not considering the undercut). This is fixed.

SP3 Operating backlash calculation: Proposition for center distance tolerance improved
In tab Operating backlash calculation: The proposition for center distance tolerance to get zero backlash, shown in the result window, was slightly off. This is improved now.

SP3 AGMA2001-D04: Calculation of Knu
AGMA2001-D04: Knu (dynamic factor) is now calculated with vt at operating pitch diameter (before at pitch diameter). Difference is very small. Additionally the formula for vtmax was corrected. Also accuracy of conversion between N and lb was improved in the rpt files.

SP3 Helix angle modification (parallel) according to ISO 1328
The helix angle modification (parallel) was not applied correctly when
1) the option "Use the definition of the helix angle modification (parallel) as a helix slope deviation according to ISO 1328" in the module specific setting is activated and
2) the gear is left-hand helical gear.
In this case, the modification was applied to opposite direction, that the effective helix angle decreased when the modification is positive. The negative modification had opposite effect. There was no problem for spur gear and right-hand helix helical gear.
When you have the above condition, the tooth form was wrong, and thus the 3D model and the contact analysis was wrong.
For detailed explanation of the definition of the helix angle modification, please contact to our support (support@KISSsoft.AG) for an instruction (KISSsoft Instruction 117).

SP3 KISSsoft bevel gear contact analysis was crashing with shafts
KISSsoft was crashing in some cases when bevel gear contact analysis was used with shafts and the shaft contained a mix of cylindrical and bevel gears.

SP3 Asymmetric modifications on bevel gears
When using option "Displaying 2D geometry for inside and outside", tooth form was not correctly calculated if asymmetric modifications were applied. This is now fixed.

SP3 Problem with high H misalignment in bevel gear contact analysis
The bevel gear contact analysis had problems with high H misalignment, which lead to wrong results and graphics in some cases. This is fixed.

SP3 IMPROVEMENT: General improvement of the planetary contact analysis convergence algorithm
In some cases the planetary contact analysis was not able to find a solution for the system. This problem is now handled by a more robust algorithm.

SP3 Tolerances not calculated correctly for DIN3962/3963
In some cases (module < 1 mm, ...) tolerances were not calculated correctly for the quality 7 grade of DIN 3962/DIN3963. This is now fixed.

SP3 Slightly different results when calculating bevel gear contact analysis twice
The bevel gear contact analysis with shafts was giving slightly different results when calculating twice. This is fixed.

SP3 Simplified static calculation for plastic gears
If the flag 'Allow simplified calculation according to DIN/ISO' was set for plastic gears, the values for Rp and Rm were taken from the material DAT files and not from the database.
This is now fixed.

SP3 Problem in contact analysis with shafts and internal gears
In some cases where contact analysis considers the shaft bending line with internal gears, the deflection was causing wrong misalignment in contact analysis. This is fixed.

SP3 Convergence problem with modification sizing of bevel gears
In cases where modification sizing on bevel gears with shafts and option 'Calculate shaft deformation just once for each partial load' was used, the calculation was not converging. This is fixed.

SP3 Formula for hamc in Bevel Gear Geometry corrected
An error in ISO23509:2017 was found in equation E:215, the term cos(δ) must be deleted. This will be documented in the next edition of the standard.

SP3 Proposition for flank line crowning Cbeta according ISO6336-1
In the layout function for Cbeta according ISO6336-1 annex B, we used the rule as written in ISO, that Cbeta must be in the range 10 <= Cbeta <= 50 microns. For small gears of good quality the result was always 10 microns, which was often too much.
We changed this now, showing as proposition the real value according of Cbeta, but adding a message that the value is outside the recommended value of 10 <= Cbeta <= 50.

SP3 Multiple definition of topological modification
The topological modification should be defined only once for each flank and all the redundant topological modifications should be inactivated.
However, the program inactivates only the next modification, not all the invalid ones. This is now fixed.

SP3 Face gear bending strength calculation improved
Face gear bending strength calculation, when ISO6336 method is used, will use now the geometry for YF, YS according VDI2737, annex B.
This method is more accurate, specially root rounding roF, bending safety will be slightly different.

KISSsoft - General

SP3 Shortcuts for file new and file open did not work
The short cuts for the actions 'New' (Ctrl + N) and 'Open' (Ctrl + O) in menu 'File' did not work.

SP3 Compression springs: Calculation of the diameter expansion was updated to the current standard.
Calculation of the diameter expansion was updated to the current standard DIN EN 13906-1:2013. Before the equation according to the older standard was used.

SP3 Add to graphics list did not work in some cases
The function 'Add to graphics list' in the graphic window did add the graphic to the report, but did not show an entry in the list view.

SP3 Some of the comments in the material table were cut off
If a text in the column 'comment' of a gear material table contained the '<' sign, everything from that sign on was cut off.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP3 Scaling of 3D-Graphics legend was wrong in some cases
In some seldom cases the scaling of the 3D-Graphics legend was wrong, e.g. showed mm instead of mym. This is fixed.

SP3 Error in constact analysis graphic 'Load distribution in the operating pitch circle'
The contact analysis graphic "Load distribution in the operating pitch circle" was mirrored between side I and II. This is fixed.

SP3 Saving curves in LTCA diagrams did save section 0
For some contact analysis diagrams, saving curves did always save the curve of the first section and not for the current section.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP3 For shoulders the default smaller diameter was not set correctly (free cross section)
The element editor of the free cross section did show the value of the larger diameter of the shaft as a default for the smaller diameter.

SP3 The shaft editor did not show a context menu in the area of the background drawing
If a background drawing was loaded, the shaft editor did not show the default context menu in the area that was filled by this drawing.

SP3 IMPROVEMENT: default diameter of new geometry elements are taken from the previous element
New outer and inner geomertry elements now start with the same diameter on the left side as the previous element on the right side.

SP3 IMPROVEMENT: automatic zoom for new elements
The automatic zoom for new elements has been improved and can also be switched off via a flag in the settings.

SP3 Display issue connecting sliding bearing in shaft editor
The symbol of the connecting sliding bearing was not always symetric and has been generally improved.

SP3 Editability and text in the connecting elements table was not correct
The type of bearing was editable but should not be, whereas the shaft inside was not editable but should be. The type of bearing was not displayed for sliding bearings.

SP3 Correction in the unbalance response calculation of shafts with fixed supports.
When calculating the unbalance response of shafts with fixed supports, there were some mishandling of fixed support information. This is now corrected.

SP3 Correction in the rigid body modes in the eigenfrequencies calculation.
When calculating eigenfrequencies, there were cases where some rigid body modes were either missed, or reported without that they existed.

SP3 Shaft strength was not shown, when no cross sections were defined
In the shaft strength graphics, the utilization of the shaft was only shown in case that a cross sections were defined.

SP3 Connection bearing color in Shaft Editor
When the "Display critical bearing" setting is selected, the supports and general connections are now displayed with the color "yellow" (default) instead of "green" (above required lifetime). The control for critical bearings is performed only for rolling bearings and connecting rolling bearings.

SP3 Shaft models with duty cycles crashed occasionally during calculation
For shaft models that contained duty cycles it occasionally happened, that the calculation would crash without further notice.

SP3 Older shaft models with cross sections defined occasionally crashed
For some older shaft models, it could happen that the calculation crashed for some particular definitions of cross sections.

SP3 Shaft calculation showed 'converged' with Not-a-Number (NaN) results
In some rare cases, a shaft calculation might not converge due to numerical instabilities and can return Not-a-Number results. This situation was not properly detected and KISSsoft show an error that the model did not converge.

SP3 KISSsoft crashed in rare cases when selecting 3D view of shaft
For some specific models created with KISSsys, it could happen that selecting the 3D view of a shaft in the shaft editor caused KISSsoft to crash.

SP3 Shaft calculation raised internal error when used with duty cycles and classic bearings
Shaft models with duty cycles and bearing types, where inner geometry calculation is not available, showed an internal error.

SP3 Shaft model showed invalid warnings
For some shaft calculations, misleading warning messages from intermediate calculation iteration steps were shown.

SP3 Internal error when using 2013 shaft solver with journal bearings
The 2013 shaft solver does not support the journal bearing. This was not detected properly and the calculation produced an internal error.

SP3 Shaft calculation raised internal error after deleting shaft referenced by a connecting element
When deleting a shaft that was referenced in a connecting element, the calculation raised an internal error afterwards.

SP3 Bearing diameter change according DIN 7190-1:2017
Until now the bearing diameter change because of the roughness was calculated with the formula 0.8*(RzA+RzI). According to DIN 7190-1:2017 the factor is 0.4 instead of 0.8.
This change has influence on the tolerances of the bearing.

SP3 The depth of 'own input' feather keys was not read correctly
If you used an 'own input' for a feather key as sub element in the shaft editor, the depth wasn't read out correctly from the surface.

KISSsoft - Shaft-hub-connections

SP3 Convert effective tooth thickness dialogue
Convert effective tooth thickness allowance for Hubs was not working correctly using the setting 'Geometry according to ISO 21771' (for internal gears: center distance and diameter > 0). This is now fixed.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP3 Tooth thickness documentation in the splines report
In some special cases when reference diameter was near to root form diameter,  the tooth thickness was wrongly set to 0. This is now fixed.

SP3 DIN 5480: minimum root diameter for the shaft was not calculated correctly
The root diameter tolerance for the shaft according DIN 5480-1 table 5 was not calculated correctly, the result for the minimum root diameter was slightly wrong.


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP2 License check for non-linear stiffness in report
When having module WA1 activated, the non-linear stiffness was not printed in the report. This is fixed.

SP2 Wrong pressure angle in inner geometry bearing report
In the report of the inner geometry bearing calculation module, the pressure angle was shown in radians instead of degree.

KISSsoft - Bolt calculation

SP2 Pretension force graphic fixed
The pretension force graphic doesn't shown the correct lines for different friction coefficients.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP2 Siemens NX: cutout a toothing on a existing shaft is not always working
The cutout of a toothing on a existing shaft does not always work, if the normal vector of the area, which is selected, is not exactly 0 (main axis, absolute positioning).
We fixed, the normal vector can now be in a range of +/- 0.000001.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP2 Contact analysis results shown on the tooth
In some cases (overlap ratio eps_b>1.9 or helix angle > 15° and accuracy of calculation not set to own input), the contact analysis results were not displayed correctly on the tooth (the calculation results were OK though). This is now fixed.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: root fatigue data added Sabic Verton RVL29 and Delrin 311DP
Root fatigue data at 150°C was added for Sabic Verton RVL29 material.
Root fatigue data at 20°C and 50°C added for DuPont Delrin 311DP.

SP2 Root form diameter calculation for pinion of the face gear calculation
In some cases with protuberance, the root form diameter of the pinion in a face gear pair was slightly wrong. This is now fixed.

SP2 Tooth thickness calculation at the reference diameter
In cases, when the reference diameter was not between tip form and root form diameter (for instance high profile shift), the calculated tooth thicknesses in the report were not correct.  In such cases, a special warning is displayed in the report and values are now set to 0.

SP2 Contact and flash temperature graphics
In cases when z1>z2, the graphics for contact and flash temperature were not correctly displayed on the x-axis (the calculated temperatures were correct). This is now fixed.

SP2 Small speed handling in duty cycles of planetary stages
Very small speeds (below 0.0001 rpm) defined in duty cycles were creating an error message, which was repeated too often. Such speed bin's are now handled correctly.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: eccentric and shortened profile crowning calculation
Until now, eccentric and shortened profile crowning were calculated using diameters. To make it consistent with other modifications, eccentric and shortened profile crowning are now calculated using roll length.  Some minor changes in the tooth form are expected. The definition of Factor 1 and Factor 2 did not change.

SP2 Display of the worn-out tooth form
In some cases (unequal facewidth) the worn-out tooth form was not shown properly in the graphics. This is now fixed.

SP2 Specific sliding graphics
In some cases (dNa <> dFa), curves for specific sliding were shown also outside of the path of contact. This is now fixed.

SP2 Problem with gear body stiffness matrix in LTCA-/KHb-Calculation
The contact analysis and face load factor calculation did not consider axial forces and transformed the deflection results into path of contact layer correctly when stiffness matrix is used from gear body calculation. This is fixed.

SP2 Checking condition for fine sizing of crossed helical gear
In the fine sizing of crossed helical gear, the iteration doesn't proceed when the maximum limit is smaller than the minimum limit and the step is not activated for center distance range.
This is fixed.

SP2 Shearing safety factor according to the VDI 2736-3 (worm gears)
Shearing safety factor was not calculated anymore for crossed helical worms according VDI 2736-3. This is fixed.

SP2 Torsion direction setting in 'Axis alignment' dialog was empty after modification sizing
The torque direction, set in 'Axis alignment' dialog tab 'Torsion', was overwritten with a wrong value after using modification sizing dialog in tab 'Modifications'. This is fixed.

SP2 The 'remove modification' button was not working
The remove modification button was not working correctly in the tab Modifications. This is fixed.

SP2 Curvature radius was not calculated through COM-Interface
Curvature radius was not calculated while running contact analysis step wise through COM-Interface. Therefore Hertzian pressure was not calculated. This is fixed.

SP2 Calculation of relevant root relief Cf for Scoring and Micropitting
Calculation of relevant root relief Cf was not working correctly (the
value was set to 0). Therefore, the relevant tip relief Ceq according
ISO6336-20, annex B, considered only the tip relief Ca. For gears having
only root relief, but no tip relief, the safeties for scoring and
micropitting were calculated as for gears without any modification.

SP2 KISSsoft was crashing while exporting gear pairs from planetary systems
KISSsoft was crashing while trying to export sun/planet or planet/rim gear pair calculations from planetary system calculations. This is fixed.

SP2 Fine sizing with Flag 'Operating profile shift' set, is using wrong tip diameter
In Fine sizing, when the Flag 'Operating profile shift' is set, in some cases the a different tip diameter is used. Therefore profile overlap ratio etc was different, when a variant is loaded into the main window.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: Gear/Shaft suppress plausibility check
IMPROVEMENT: The "Gear/Shaft suppress plausibility check" flag is now suppressing all gear/shaft related checks, such as sense of rotation, weight direction, coupling torque (carrier), etc. 

SP2 Circumferential backlash for crossed helical gears
The circumferential backlash was not calculated and displayed correctly in the Tab tolerances for crossed helical gears. This is now fixed.

SP2 Tolerances AGMA2015-2-B15 error
When 'Variying qualities' is activated, then the tolerances fidT and FidTaccording AGMA2015-2-B15 were printed according the next lower tolerance level. This is fixed.

SP2 Contact analysis was crashing with too high pitch error
The contact analysis was crashing in cases of too low torque compared to pitch error which is causing empty results. This is fixed.

SP2 Torque layout
The calculation of the transmittable torque was not working at all. This is fixed.

KISSsoft - General

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: modality of help and info dialogs
The sub dialogs for help texts and info pictures where modal and therefore they had to be closed before data could be entered in the original dialog. As it is useful to have the help text or info picture open while entering data, these dialogs are now nonmodal.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: Minor layout issues fixed when french language is used
In some cases in french language, comboboxes did not show full text width even if there was enough space.

SP2 Copy-Paste in 2D graphics did not work
Copying a 2D graphic with Ctrl+C did not work at all.

SP2 Material data: Emodul and alpha for ASTM cast iron were wrong
For the materials ASTM A536 (cast iron) and ASTM A48 (cast iron) the values for the young's modulus E and the coefficient of thermal expansion alpha were wrong.

SP2 Calculation of tooth thickness at root (sFn)
Tooth thickness at root (sFn) for the root strength calculation was not correct in some special cases (pre-manufacturing with machining stock bigger than the protuberance of the tool). This is now fixed.

SP2 Exporting tooth trace and profile diagram
When exporting tooth trace and profile diagram as points, flanks were switched. This is fixed.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP2 Inverted contact pattern graphic in bevel gear contact analysis
The results in contact pattern graphic of bevel gear contact analysis was inverted, the data of the outside was shown at the inside. This is fixed.

SP2 Wrong x axis values of excitation force graphic
The x axis values of the excitation force graphic was wrong, this is fixed.

SP2 Improvement: Bending stress in root area is now showing the situation global occurring maximum root stress position
The "Bending stress in root area" 3D graphic is now showing the data related to the meshing position when the absolute maximum root stress on the gear occurs. Before the graphic was showing everywhere the maximum along the face width which neglects the information that these results are not appearing at the same meshing position.

KISSsoft - Root stress FEM calculation

SP2 dsFn value of asymmetric gears
In the FEM root stress calculation of asymmetric gears, the dsFn value of the right flank was always used. This is now corrected and the dsFn value of the left flank is used when needed.

SP2 Correction in the diameters reported from 2D FEM root stress calculation of helical gears
In the 2D FEM root stress calculation of helical gears, the diameters reported referred to the equivalent spur gear. This is now corrected and they refer to the initial helical gear.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP2 Fit-in-view did not always work in shaft editor
Fit in view did not work correctly for files without oil level in those cases where the priviously loaded file contained an oil level.

SP2 Added bearing frequencies to the bearing inner geometry report
As an improvement, the bearing frequencies were added to the bearing inner geometry report.

SP2 FKM: The manufacturing process of the keyway had no influence
The manufacturing process of the keyway had no influence in the strength calculation according FKM, for the other calculation methods is this input doesn't used.
In the strength calculation always the manufacturing process 'end milling cutter' was taken.

SP2 Limited life calculation wasn't possible with AGMA 6001/6101
For the limited life strength we calculate now a life factor ke. For the infinite life strength the factor ke is =1.
Until now it wasn't possible to calculate limited life strength according AGMA.

SP2 Service life factor protocol not found in case project contains no roller bearings
For shaft projects that contained no roller bearings, creating the service life factor report caused only a message that protocol "W050-H1.tmp" was not found. With the fix,  a warning 'Cannot display "ClassicLifetimeFactors" report: The project does not contain any roller bearings' is shown.

SP2 3D Viewer - Increased torque arc arrow size
The size of the torque arc arrow to show the torque in the 3D viewer was very small in some graphics.

SP2 Shaft sizing did not work for shafts with general supports
The shaft sizing function silently failed in case no rolling bearings but general supports were present.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP2 Splines according DIN 5482 were not fully documented in the report
Splines according DIN 5482 were not fully documented in the general and in the manufacturing data report.

KISSsys - General

SP2 Modal Analysis calculation error
Some models including gears with multiple contacts were producing errors while running the Modal Analysis calculation.


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP1 Values in bearing DB were rounded to integer
For some db columns, the values were rounded to integer instead of keeping them as floating point. This could cause some deviations for very small bearings where the rounding error was relevant.

SP1 Inner geometry approximation for needle cages
In many cases the inner geometry approximation for needle cages did not work and resulted in very unrealistic values for the the number of rolling bodies and roller length. With this fix, the estimation based on C and C0 is now very accurate and robust.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP1 Autodesk Inventor: Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2019
Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2019 implemented.

KISSsoft - COM

SP1 Improvement: Retrieve number of members in dynamic arrays via COM
It is now possible to get the number of members in a dynamic array via a COM call to the size() function of the variable.
Example: GetVar("shafts[0].result.bending.size()")

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP1 Non-circular gears
In some cases for non-circular gears, error message appeared stating that the file for the operating pitch line of gear 2 doesn't exist. This is now fixed.

SP1 Excitation force calculation deactivated for stepwise contact analysis over COM-Interface
The excitation foce calculation was wrongly activated for stepwise contact analysis calculation over COM-Interface. This was setting results to 0 and is now fixed.

SP1 Planetary system contact analysis was overwriting face load factor results
The planetary system contact analysis was overwriting face load factor results according to ISO 6336-1, Annex E. This is fixed.

SP1 Load spectrum selection switched to own input
The load spectrum switched to own input after changing the reference gear for planetrary gears.

SP1 Modification for mold making
The points in the root area of the gears in the operation of modification for mold making were not calculated correctly. This is now fixed.
The calculated tooth form is now slightly different in the root area.

SP1 Ball diameter for worm gears
In some cases for worm gears (high tooth thickness tolerances, tooth thickness modification factor xs<>0), the theoretical measuring ball diameter was not calculated correctly. This is now fixed.

SP1 Contact analysis had changing results
Contact analysis with nominal load and shafts had sometimes changing results. This is fixed.

SP1 Proportional axis misalignment of planetary system problem
Proportional axis misalignment of planetary system was calculated with the wrong carrier torque in case of ISO 6336-1 Annex E calculation with load spectrum. This is now fixed.

SP1 Calculation example CylGearPair5 changed
The calculation method for example CylGearPair5 was changed from VDI 2545 (YF method B) to VDI 2545 modified (YF method B).

SP1 Sizing power and torque for asymmetric gears
Sizing functionality for power and torque did not work properly for asymmetric gears. This is fixed.

SP1 Modification sizing was crashing for planetary systems
Modification sizing of planetary systems with contact analysis was crashing, this is fixed.

SP1 Improvement: Proposition for optimum profile shift x for scuffing according AGMA925
When any AGMA rating method is selected, the scuffing is calculated according AGMA 925 and is also used in the profile shift proposition tool.
AGMA925 shows as result the scuffing probability. According the standard, if the probability is smaller 5%, then <= 5% must be shown.
Therefore in the layout function for best profile shift x often the result was 5%, therefor not really showing the best value.
We changed this and use now the lowest contact temperature thBMax to find the optimum profile shift.

KISSsoft - General

SP1 Occasional crashes during startup of KISSsoft
On some machines, KISSsoft crashed occasionally during startup. This is fixed.

SP1 Modification sizing had problems showing results
Modification sizing with ISO 6336-1, Annex E, was not showing results correctly and not able to transfer solution into tab modifications. This is fixed.

SP1 Icon for KISSsoft User Interface help added to the toolbar
The icon was only available for internal users.

SP1 Database tool base material search
The search function did not work for the column base material in the material tables in the database tool.

SP1 KUI help did not work in dialogs
Question mark for KUI help added to the title bar of all dynamic dialogs.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP1 Contact analysis had problem with unequal facewidth
Several contact analysis graphics had problems while calculating gears with unequal facewidth. This is fixed now.

KISSsoft - Root stress FEM calculation

SP1 Too high maximum stress in some cases of root stress calculation using 3D FEM.
The area on the tooth surface used for the calculation of the maximum stress of 3D root stress FEM was for some cases falling inside the load zone, giving very high stresses. This is now fixed.

SP1 Optimization of the mesh generation for 3D root stress FEM, reduce run-time.
The size of the generated 3D FEM mesh is reduced without affecting the accuracy of the results. The calculation time is reduced.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP1 Layout of element editor for sections
The layout of the element editor for sections and documentation points is improved.

SP1 Fixed drawing artefacts for gear body in shaft editor
When using a stiffness matrix for the gear body, the drawing in the shaft editor showed line artefacts for some configurations.

SP1 Context menu in shaft editor
In some cases, the general context menu was shown for a shaft element instead of the element specific context menu.

SP1 Oil level in shaft editor
The indicator for the oil level was changing its width when the diameter of an element was changed.

SP1 Element editor update issue
A change in the element position was not considered in the calculation if
the calculation button was pressed right after entering the value in the
element editor.

SP1 IMPROVEMENT: Zoom position in shaft editor changed
When zooming with the mouse wheel in the shaft editor, the center point of the zoom is the current mouse position not anymore the center of the editor.

SP1 IMPROVEMENT: Zoom level in shaft editor
The zoom level in the shaft editor remains the same when switching between tabs.

SP1 Connecting support (joint) positioned at edge position of a shaft
When a connecting support (joint) was positioned at the left edge position of a shaft, the torque balance was not calculated properly.

SP1 Campbell diagram lines were mixed in some problems.
The lines of the Campbell diagram were mixed in some models, due to wrong characterization of the respective eigenmodes. This is now fixed.

SP1 Custom bearing diameters
When a shaft calculation was saved with a custom bearing and opened again
on an instance where this bearing is not in the DB, the
selected diameter was not shown properly.

SP1 Wrong material properties used for calculation of operating bearing clearance
The calculation for the operating bearing clearance did use wrong material properties (inner ring properties for inner shaft and vice versa).

KISSsoft - Shaft-hub-connections

SP1 M02b-M02e: values for support factor fs according DIN 6892:2012
The values for the support factor fs were in KISSsoft according Niemann, we actualized this, now the values are according DIN 6892:2012.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP1 Spline calculation stopped working
In some cases for splines with low number of teeth (<11) and profile
shift exactly 0.05, the calculation stopped working. This is now fixed.

SP1 Wrong text in ANSI table fixed
Even if the ANSI table was showing Normal Diametral Pitch correctly, the text was set to normal module.

KISSsys - General

SP1 KISSsys desktop linkage was not working
The KISSsys desktop linkage was not working because of missing working directory. This is fixed.

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