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Release KISSsoft 03/2017

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KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)

SP3 IMPROVEMENT: Option to set constant tooth thickness allowance for 3D model of bevel gear
A new option is added to set constant or variable tooth thickness allowance for 3D model of bevel gear in module specific settings.

KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP3 Small error in moment calculation of ball bearings (inner geometry)
There was a small error in the calculation of the moment arm for each rolling body force (radial ball bearings). The expected changes in the results are smaller than 2%.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP3 Creo: not all path separators for CADDIR were supported
The path for the CADDIR which is set in KISSsoft can have different path separators ('/' or '\'), until now only the '\' was supported.
The temporary files for the interface will be saved in this directory (CADDIR).

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP3 Selection of tool in reference profile
The selection of a hobbing cutter or a pinion type cutter was not possible if there were other tools with the same module and pressure angle in the same dat file.

SP3 Center distance allowance for pinion with rack
In some cases the upper/lower center distance allowance was transposed resp. had the wrong sign for pinion with rack.

SP3 In some cases dtp was considered wrong for planetary face load factor calculation.
The face load factor calculation of planetary systems considered the tilting of the bolt relative to planet carrier axis, dtp, wrong if shafts where used for planet carrier and planet bolt. This is fixed.

SP3 Root safety factor using AGMA calculation
In some cases when using AGMA strength calculation and special setting for the Tooth form factor Y (External toothing: AGMA908, Internal toothing: Graphical method), the root safety factor for the internal gear was not calculated correctly for the initial calculation. If the same calculation was repeated, then the correct safety factor was calculated. This is now fixed.

SP3 Conversion between °C and °F in the tab Operating backlash
In the tab Operating backlash calculation, the conversion between °C and °F of the permissible temperature difference [ΔT=TR-TC] was wrong.
Due to the fix, the input value might be changed when the calculation file was saved in release 03-2017 up to Patch B with the US customary unit.
The user is requested to check the input value again in this case.
The files in earlier versions up to 03-2016 are updated correctly but the result will change slightly.

SP3 Convert addendum coefficient dialog for pinion type cutter in the tab Tooth form
Tab Tooth form: Displayed diameters in the Convert addendum coefficient dialog for pinion type cutter were not correctly calculated when normal module and pressure angle were not the same as defined in the tab Basic data. This is now fixed

SP3 IMPROVEMENT: Measuring circle shown for cylindrical gears
Measuring circle in transverse section is shown in the Tooth form graphics for symmetric cylindrical gears.

SP3 Adding tip rounding to the tooth form
In some special cases when the tooth form was produced with the topping tool, tip rounding was not applied correctly. This is now fixed.

SP3 Root diameter change when adding profile modifications
In some special cases (min/max/nominal tolerance field selected for diameters, small module, ...), root diameter was changed when the profile modifications were added. This is now fixed.

SP3 Dynamic factor KV according AGMA2001-B88 adapted for LTCA
Dynamic factor KV according AGMA2001-B88 is <= 1. Therefore in load factors as wm*KA*KV used in LTCA and KHb calculations, instead of *KV now *1/KV must be used. This is fixed now.

SP3 Bevel gear modification sizing
Bevel gear modification sizing was not executed when a load spectrum was involved in the contact analysis.

SP3 Convert button dialog for Addendum coefficient in reference profile gear
Convert button dialog for Addendum coefficient in reference profile gear (for Hobbing cutter and Pinion type cutter) was not correct for splines, crossed helical gears, face gears, worm gears and beveloid gears. This is now fixed.

SP3 3 and 4 gear train calculation with shafts
For the 3 and 4 gear train calculation using shafts, in some cases (3 gear train calculation: shaft defined on gear 2. 4 gear train calculation: shaft defined on gears 2 and/or 3) the speeds between gears and shafts were not matching and a warning message was produced. This is now fixed.

KISSsoft - General

SP3 IMPROVEMENT: User interface on high resolution screens
Parts of the layout of the user interface were corrupt on high resolution screens.

SP3 Search for help fixed in english version
Searching in the english manual did show some results, but did not open the topic when clicking on it.

SP3 Unify path separators to save the directories in the user settings
We use now always the path separator '/' to save the paths for the directories in the user settings.
Before we had a mixture of the separators '/' and '\' and some windows operating system are taking that automatically as two separator '//' or '\\', if you choose a path.
So now, when we read in a path, the separator is automatically set to '/'.
Just for UNC paths we use \\servername  This is correctly working.

SP3 Database tool did not always list the modifications table
The database tool did not list the modifications table for most license numbers as well as it did not list the user specific tables for the entitled users.

SP3 Crash due to wrongly defined dat files solved
Reading dat files for tables crashed if there was less data defined in the dat file than the software expected.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP3 Wrong tooth flank shown in planet/rim face load factor graphic
Gap and Lineload graphic of face load factor calculation was showing the wrong tooth flank in contact of planet/rim meshing. This is fixed. Results are not changing.

KISSsoft - Plastics Manager

SP3 Writing material to the database
Writing material (with no Rm and Rp values defined) to the KISSsoft database did not work in the Plastics Manager. This is now fixed.

SP3 Conversion between °C and °F in the tab Test data
The conversion between °C and °F was not correct for 'Merge temperature deviation' and 'Group temperature deviation' in the tab Test data. This is fixed.

KISSsoft - Root stress FEM calculation

SP3 Error in the maximum stress calculation when the position is very close to the root diameter.
There were some cases where the maximum root stress was not derived correctly even though in the report the correct stresses were given. This was present only in cases when the maximum stress was very close to the root diameter.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP3 Pressure point of axial tilted roller bearings
The pressure point of axial tilted roller bearings was ignored when the axial fixation was selected as "Fixed bearing adjusted on left side" or "Fixed bearing adjusted on right side". Effectively the pressure angle was ignored (used 0° instead of 45° or 60°).

SP3 IMPROVEMENT: Memory footprint of shaft calculation
The internal memory footprint (MB used) of the shaft calculation has been reduced by a factor of almost 4x. This also has an effect in the calculation time, which is reduced by almost 70% in some cases. This is mostly noticed in calculation files that have many coaxial shafts and/or many load bins.

SP3 Unbalance mass force split between axes in forced response calculation.
The unbalance mass force was not split correctly between the X and Z axes. This is now fixed, resulting in smaller shaft deformations due to the unbalance mass in forced response calculation.

SP3 Notch effect of limited cross section was not always updated
The notch effect of a limited cross section was not updated when elements were deleted at its specific position.

SP3 Element tree and element editor are visible in report mode
The element tree and the element editor are visible while the report viewer is open.

SP3 Error with documentation point outside the shaft boundaries
The addition of a documentation point outside the shaft boundaries, resulted in wrong results in the shaft calculation. This is now corrected, the documentation point is ignored and a warning message is given.

SP3 Diameter of shaft did not always update in free cross section when moving the position
When moving the position of a free cross section to a shoulder, the diameter of shaft was set to 0.

SP3 Iteration error in life time calculation
The initialization of the cross sections was wrong in some cases and gives error in iteration of the life time.

SP3 Status after deleting sub elements of outer geometry elements
The calculation was not set to inconsistent after deleting a sub element of an outer geometry element.

KISSsoft - Shaft-hub-connections

SP3 Material dialog resizing fixed
Some of the material dialogs could not be resized.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP3 IMPROVEMENT: The allowances for the measurements over 2 rolls were added for the gauges
For the calculation of gauges the maximum and minimum values for the measurements over 2 rolls are added.
The values are shown in the special report for the gauges.

SP3 Errors in the calculation when the method was ANSI (with inches as units)
For the splines module ("Spline {strength}", M2C), there was an error in how the table data (in inches) were communicated from the user interface to the internal calculation. This is fixed now, but the existing files which are saved with the ANSI method need to be recreated.

KISSsys - General

SP3 Handling of housing initial offsets in load spectrum calculation.
The user defined initial offsets of a housing element were not handled correctly when the housing calculation was included in a load spectrum calculation. This is now fixed.

SP3 Housing stiffness matrix (NASTRAN format)
The system of units of a housing stiffness matrix saved with the NASTRAN format was not read in correctly.

SP3 Examples and GPK models
The Examples and GPK models were updated to make sure the variable CA_ShaftSource and CA_TorqueSource in cylindrical gear calculations have the correct expression in the definition.


KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP2 KHbeta report in the contact analysis report
If KHbeta was calculated using Annex E for 3 gears and 4 gears train, the contact analysis report always contained the KHbeta report for the last gear pair. This is now fixed.

SP2 Generating IGES file for FEM analysis for asymmetrical tooth form
In some additional cases, tooth form for FEM analysis could not be generated for tooth forms with asymmetrical teeth. This is now fixed

SP2 Improved: Report for cylindrical gear according AGMA
In the report, now the Bending/Pitting strength power rating Pat, Pac AND the allowable transmitted power for bending/pitting Patu, Pacu are shown.
The formulas used are according AGMA2001-D04 / AGMA2101-D04.

SP2 Worm Gears : Radial load and meshing efficiency
Improvement: If in the settings, the flag 'Improved calculation with enhanced formula' is used, then the radial force and the meshing efficiency are calculated according to the literature ("Maschinenelemente 2", Schlecht, Pearson Studium).

SP2 Problem with two specific columns in result table of rough sizing
Results table in rough sizing dialog of pair and planetary systems didn't show the columns i_epsilon and hunting correctly. This is fixed now.

SP2 Crash in material table search function fixed
The application crashed in some cases when searching in the material table.

SP2 Tab torsion in axis alignment diagram for planetary gears
Tab torsion was incorrectly deactivated if axis alignment was set to "From shaft calculation" for all the gears. This is now fixed.

SP2 Generating rack with read-in pinion type cutter
Generating a gear with read-in pinion type cutter was not working. This is now fixed.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: Coordinates of the worn-out tooth form written to tmp folder
Coordinates of the worn-out tooth form (x and y) are written to the tmp folder. The file is written  if "Wear along the tooth flank" graphic is opened in KISSsoft.

SP2 Root stresses in contact analysis with wear iteration
If contact analysis was performed with iterative wear calculation, the text for the results of the tooth root stress was not correct in the results window. In this case, Shear stress (not bending stress) is calculated and displayed. This is now fixed. The calculated results were correct.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: Maximum root rounding warning for the constructed involute
The warning is shown if the root rounding for the constructed involute is too big (if the calculation is not run from the tab Tooth form).

SP2 Tooth thickness modification factor in worm gear calculation
The tooth thickness modification xs factor was not correctly used in the tooth form calculation of the worm gear module.

SP2 Worm gear module settings fixed
In the worm gear module, the visibility setting for normal module, axial module, Normal Diametral Pitch and Transverse Diametral Pitch was not correct.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: Effective helix angle by helix angle modification
When the helix angle modification is defined, the conversion from the modification value to the helix angle deviation is now using the transverse pressure angle instead of the normal pressure angle.
Thus, the effective helix angle will be slightly different.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: Additional settings to suppress or adapt validation between gear and shaft calculation
In case of face load factor or contact analysis calculation including shafts, the user can now suppress all validations (checks made concerning torque, facewidth, helix angle, etc.) between gear and shaft calculation. Additionally, the user can adapt the validation with a deviation allowance. Both settings can be found under tab 'Factors or Contact analysis' -> 'Dialog Define axis alignment' -> 'Axis alignment'.
Additionally, in case if shaft and gear calculation are using load spectra, the same bin of the gear and shaft load spectrum is now used. (Before the shaft was always calculated with the nominal torque.)

SP2 Importing rack data from dxf
Importing rack data (in the tab Tooth form) was not working for half tooth dxf's. This is now fixed.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: dxf file names with UNICODE characters
dxf file names with UNICODE characters were not supported. This is now fixed.

SP2 Bevel gears: Mass is calculated
Mass (kg) of bevel gears was always 0; this is fixed.

SP2 Tooth form using pinion type cutter with chamfer
In cases, where no tip rounding was defined on the pinion type cutter, sometimes the tooth form was not calculated correctly. This is now fixed.

KISSsoft - General

SP2 Database: Some Koyo Bearings were set hidden for deep groove roller bearings
6 Koyo bearings were set hidden for deep groove ball bearings in the database, now they are activated again.
(Koyo 60/530, Koyo 60/560, Koyo 60/600, Koyo 60/630, Koyo 60/670, Koyo 60/710, Koyo 60/750, Koyo 60/800)

SP2 Database: UDBDIR can't set anymore under Extras/Settings
Because there are some problems with the UDBDIR, which was set under 'Extras/ Settings' and then saved in the personal settings, we decided to kick out this possibility to set the path from the udb folder.
That means that from now on, the UDBDIR will always get the path from the 'kiss.ini' file.
Please check if the UDBDIR is set correctly in the 'kiss.ini'.

SP2 IMPROVEMENT: User can select if curves are drawn outside of the graph's range
The user can now select if curves are drawn outside of the graph's range or not. The setting can be found under Graphics->Settings. By default, curves are drawn outside of the graph's range.

SP2 Crash whitin writing KISS.ini solved
Closing the software caused a crash when the user had edited the graphic settings and no CAD-Systems where available.

SP2 CheckBoxes and RadioButtons on high resolution screens
Some of the check boxes and radio buttons were drawn too small on high resolution screens.

SP2 Tables on high resolution screens
Tables showing data from a source file were not readable on high resolution screens.

SP2 Memory leaks corrected
Two memory leaks cases were found and corrected. One was related to all calculation modules (User Interface-related variables were not removed) and the other one had to do with all bearings treated with inner geometry. These leaks did not affect the calculation results, only the performance and responsiveness of the system, especially after extended hours of operation or lengthy calculations (eg. KISSsys).

KISSsoft - Root stress FEM calculation

SP2 Optimize mesh refinement in FEM analysis of gear root stress calculation
The mesh refinement in critical areas (tooth profile and holding area) are better optimized based on the defined user input for mesh density. This increases both stability and accuracy.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP2 Editor zooms automatically when adding elements
When adding elements, the shaft editor automatically zooms to show the new element. This is now stopped.

SP2 Correction in forced response versus length
In case the forced response versus length of the reference shaft was calculated, the boundary conditions at the right end of the shaft were not satisfied. This is fixed now.

SP2 Modal analysis for shafts with distributed masses
Correction in the way that the distributed masses are taken into account in the modal analysis of shafts.

SP2 Several problems with copy/paste in the shaft element tree solved
The element tree had several problems within its copy/paste mechanism. When working with short cuts, elements could be placed in the wrong section and the software crashed in some cases.

SP2 Adding connections only possible if more than one shaft exists
It was possible to add connections even if the parent item for connecting elements was disabled.

SP2 Deleting elements in the shaft editor did not set the flag to inconsistent
Deleting elements in the shaft editor did not set the status of the calculation to inconsistent. Therefore the do-you-want-to-save question did not show up if the calculation was closed.

SP2 Selection behaviour in element list
The selection behaviour in all the element lists was not as expected. Several items were showing a blue color.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP2 Gauges calculation: the tolerance values for ring gauges were in some cases wrong read from the table
The tolerance values Ltn, Fr, Fp, fp, Fα for ring gauges were in some cases wrong read in from the table 7 (DIN 5480-15).

SP2 Crash in dialog 'Convert tip diameter allowance' solved
The application crashed when the radio selection in dialog 'Convert tip diameter allowance' was clicked.

KISSsys - General

SP2 Error in the export of model coordinates (ExportSystemModelData function)
Correction in the calculation of the coordinates of origins of shafts, bearings, connections and gears in the "ExportSystemModelData" function.

SP2 Element tree and element editor did not close in shaft calculation
When closing the shaft calculation from KISSsys, the element tree and element editor stayed open when they where in floating mode.


KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)

SP1 IMPROVEMENT: Possible to set coordinate system when saving a 3D model of bevel gear
The user can set the coordinate system according to Klingelnberg or Gleason machine type when saving a 3D model of bevel gear.
The setting can be selected from the module specific settings.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP1 Solid Edge: Interface to Solid Edge ST10
Interface to Solid Edge ST10 is implemented.

SP1 Creo 3: Small gears with US customary units
Small gears with US customary units (inches) can't be generated in Creo 3.
We added an extra dll for small gears with US customary units to the ProEngineer-folder.
If you have small gears with US customary units please do this:
- rename the file 'i_kiss_ext_e.dll' to 'i_kiss_ext_e_origin.dll'
- rename the file 'i_kiss_ext_e_smallGears.dll' to 'i_kiss_ext_e.dll'

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP1 Unable to match gears on shaft in case of bevel contact analysis
In case of bevel gear contact analysis with shafts, the calculation was not able to find the matching gear on the shaft. This is fixed.

SP1 Error while loading old planetary stage calculation files
Axis misalignment was not correct read in while loading a planetary stage calculation file from an older version. This is fixed.

SP1 Contact analysis for internal gears with asymmetric modifications
If asymmetric modifications were applied to the internal gear, they were not considered correctly in the contact analysis (left and right flank were swapped). The issue is fixed.

SP1 Error in dialog of tip diameter allowance conversion
The dialog of tip diameter allowance conversion (tab 'Tolerances') had an error when the dialog converted the proposed values.

SP1 Swapped stiffness weakening in contact analysis for helical gears
The stiffness weakening of the border slice for gear 1 and 2, in case of right helix angle, was swapped in contact analysis. This is fixed now.

SP1 Profile modifications with grinding worms/dressing wheel
If pre-manufacturing was set only on gear 2 (and not on gear 1), then the displayed results in the convert modifications window were not correct. Also when transferring the calculated modifications with the grinding worm to the tab Modifications, the displayed corrections were always linear tip relief (and never curved tip relief, even if the dressing wheel had curved tip relief applied). This is now fixed.

SP1 IMPROVEMENT: Convert tooth form from curves to points
Additional option Use point (not curves) for the definition of tooth form was added to the user specific settings. The user now has the possibility to convert tooth form to points in tooth form calculation.

SP1 Wear calculation according to Pech - plastic/plastic combination
Grease temperature and wear according to Pech for crossed helical gears were not calculated correctly for plastic/plastic combinations. This is fixed.

SP1 Addendum angle gear 2 for bevel gear
Any value entered for the addendum angle gear 2 for bevel gears was set back by the calculation.

SP1 Tip rounding in transverse section
In some special cases (when profile modifications were applied), tip rounding was not applied correctly, This is now fixed.

SP1 Minimum tip clearance calculation in Tab operating backlash
Minimum tip clearance calculation in Tab operating backlash did not consider runout of the gears (if activated). This is now fixed.

SP1 IMPROVEMENT: Mass of worn out material calculated in the CA
Mass of worn out material is calculated and displayed in the CA results.

SP1 FEM root stress calculation using quadratic spline for the tooth form
Artificial stress concentrations were present when the polygon approximation was used for the tooth form extraction used in the FEM root stress calculation. This is corrected by always using locally a quadratic spline approximation of the tooth form.

SP1 Z080: Material list for worm gear wasn't set correctly
The material list for worm gear wasn't set correctly.

SP1 Generating IGES file for FEM analysis for asymmetrical tooth form
In some special cases, tooth form for FEM analysis could not be generated for tooth forms with asymmetrical modifications applied. This is now fixed.

SP1 Opening old file with generation grinding (flank only)
Old files having generation grinding (flank only) set were not converted correctly to the 2017 version. This is now fixed.

SP1 Error in setting correct working flank when usind a load spectrum with contact analysis or face load factor calculation
When calculating face load factor or contact analysis, with load spectrum, the working flank was set wrong in case, that the load spectrum had bins with negative torquefactors. This is fixed.

SP1 Misalignment of sun in contact analysis was ignored in seldom cases
In cases where only the sun, of a planetary system, has a proportional axis misalignment defined, the misalignment was ignored in contact analysis. This is fixed now.

SP1 Imported gear did not get the tooth thickness allowances
The import function for a single gear into an other gear calculations did not transmit the tooth thickness allowances.

SP1 Torque layout with duty cycles
Torque layout with duty cycles, when KHb was calculated according ISO6336 annex E, was not working properly.

KISSsoft - General

SP1 Position of colored 2D surface fixed
Colored surfaces in 2D graphics where not positioned correctly in all cases. The wrong behaviour occured in the shaft calculation graphic 'Stress distrubution on raceway'.

SP1 Text orientation of vertical diagram markers
The text orientation of vertical markers in 2D diagrams was horizontal. Therefore the texts overlapped when serveral markers where set next to each other. The text orientation is now changed to vertical.

SP1 Report in gear calculation damaged in demo version
Due to the demo message in the report, the cylindrical gear reports are were the first column of the weibull parameter table.

SP1 Data base: a tapered roller bearing had wrong value
Tapered roller bearing "SKF_JM511946/910/Q" had the wrong C0 value.

SP1 Info graphics fit the window automatically
The info graphics fit the info window and zoom via mouse wheel is added.

SP1 Unit setting was not restored
In some cases the user specific unit setting was not restored when starting the software again.

SP1 3D graphic windows docking error
3D graphic windows did show contents when the window was floating but did not when the window was docked to the main window.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP1 Change in ISO 6336-1, Annex E graphic
Gap and line load curves, when the contact is on the right flank, are represented now as a curves below the 0.0-line in the respective ISO 6336-1, Annex E graphic. Curves, when the contact is on the left flank, are always above the 0.0-line (in the +area).
This is added, so that now it is easy to see, if left or right flank is making contact.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP1 Correct line load distribution for gear body deformation, inside flank line modification
The correct line load distribution along the face width in now taken into account for the calculation of the gear body deformation (flank line modification calculation). This applies to the case where an FE stiffness matrix is defined for the gear body.

SP1 Deleting shafts in shaft editor
Error in shaft editor is fixed: The views were not fully updated when deleting a shaft.

SP1 Error in stress ratio values in Tab 'Strength'
The stress ratio values and the load factors (static/endurance) in tab 'Strength' were mixed up.

SP1 Error when deleting elements in the shaft editor solved
The element tree was not always updated corretly when deleting elements.

SP1 Bevel gear in 3D viewer was not shown
The bevel gear was not shown in 3D model viewer in the shaft calculation and in the kSysGL3DViewer in KISSsys.
Now the problem is fixed now.

SP1 Handling element selection and result window improved
The selected element stays selected when running the calculation, but the result window is coming to front anyway.

KISSsoft - Shaft-hub-connections

SP1 Input fields added to M02C
Missing input fields for data of a spline added to the spline (strength) calculation and number of decimal places in table fixed.

KISSsys - General

SP1 Planetary modeled with gear pairs in KISSsys
When modeling a planetary stage as a system of gear pairs, in the gear calculation, all speed related variables (speed, driving/driven, clockwise/counterclockwise) have to be entered with the relative values and not the absolute ones. The user sees then the local values in KISSsoft, different from the global ones in KISSsys. In order to run the contact analysis, all these changes are also applied in the temporary generated shaft files from KISSsys. But the shaft files from the model remain unchanged.

SP1 Database: Klübersytnth GEM 4 synthetic oil based on polyalphaolefin
The type of the oils Klübersynth GEM 4 was corrected to synthetic oil based on polyalphaolefin.

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